Jack Beckitt

International Ventriloquist

"The Drunk" Talking Shoe Has Joined The Collection

"The Drunk" Talking Shoe 

October 11th 2021 and "The Drunk" Talking Shoe is now officially safe and a part of the collection. 

The idea to help raise money to get the "Gofundme" to it's goal was

presented on an episode of "Stranger Things" on Instagram and within

approximately 3 -4 days more than 50 dealers contributed items and

their spontaneous auction raised more than 24,000 pounds. 


We SUPER HAPPY to have finally located and acquitted "The Drunk" shoe which has the utmost importance in Mr. Beckitts career since he lead to the character "Willy Drinkall" coming into existence.

What an amazing journey he has had and his journey continues... 



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